About Hannah

55A3828F-C7A8-43F7-84EF-D4DDF10B220D I am mum to gorgeous boy D, whom I often call my Lion on my blog, and to beautiful little P! I am wife to handsome husband whom I’m sure I call different names depending how the days gone, on my blog! I have changed this part of my blog overt he years from ‘I work in womens prison’ to ‘I am currently working out what I do, but who I am is still as it was. I am a whole-hearted lover of Jesus and plan to follow his lead on any adventure he wishes to hold my hand and take me on.’ For the past three years I have lead Ivy Church Sharston and find it a privilege and joy, as well as a challenge!

I am a lover of the church and all things creative. I love to share Gods word and do that in any way possible. For now, this blog is an expression of me. A place to blurt and sound out my thoughts and share what I feel God saying and what I’m learning. I am dyslexic and so often try to have someone proofread what I write, but if I can’t there will be mistakes. If I worried about that I would delete this whole thing, instead, it encourages my soul so I will continue and hope you can deal with it!

Below is what was said of me when I started this blog, I will update this soon!

Hannah worked in prison ministry since 2009. After starting a course at Chester University, God made it very clear that she should actually “be doing it!” So she left uni after one term and applied for a job working for the Message Trust as part of the Reflex team.

To date, Hannah has worked with hundreds of girls, and shared God’s love with many more. Heart break has often preceded the transformation. But the power of Jesus can not be restrained or held back, even in the darkest of dark places!

Amongst other things Hannah used drama to engage with the women she works with and now uses them yet also speaks at the Church she leads in Manchester. Her deeply moving monologues are firmly rooted in God’s word and are a great resource for evangelism. This site is dedicated to sharing these sketches with the wider Church community.

Hannah is available for live performances, to speak, or you can buy a copy of three monologues for £5

To buy a DVD, please click here!

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