Joseph: Sharing Fatherhood with The Almighty

This Advent I have been obsessed with a new man. His name is Joseph, I have known about him for years-yet this year I keep thinking about him all the time! So last night, Christmas Eve at 1am I blurted down all I’d been pondering. This is a monologue style, so poets please don’t expect too much it just happened to rhyme as I flew through it. Though as I have nowhere to perform it I will save it here for another day and hope this incredible man inspires you as he did me..

JOSEPH: Sharing Fatherhood with the Almighty.

She looked nervous yet delighted, her face beaming with joy

As she told me she was with child, within her a baby boy

She spoke of an angel, a promise, a call

– but Mary, did this angel mention me at all?


The angel hadn’t mentioned me, at first I wasn’t sure

I’d do the honourable thing and divorce her quietly – perhaps she wasn’t pure

Though in a dream one night an angel met me

He showed me who this baby, conceived by the Holy Spirit, would grow to be

That God had chosen not only Mary

 but also He saw and wanted me

I know this is big for you Mary, to carry the son of God

– Yet it’s me who has to compare with The Almighty as a Dad!


This child didn’t come from my blood, he wasn’t of my seed,

Yet I vow to protect, care & love Him, a precious mouth I’ll teach to feed

I will lay my baby boy, the star-maker, under a star He made

I will listen to the angel’s instruction, carry him to safety, make sure he’s not afraid

I will teach the one who made me, limb by limb, how to sit, crawl, walk and stand

The one who designed all creation, I’ll try to explain the land

Nails will one day pierce him, this precious little hand


One day I lost Him, my boy, knowing God was watching I searched

How could we lose this one entrusted to our care

– we felt we were wrong to be picked, none of it felt fair

Yet we found Him in the temple, that day I found bittersweet

He said He was in His father’s house- a reminder of who he had gone to meet

Yet I too am this boys father- the Almighty parents with me.


I did my best to raise Him right

To show Him when to stay silent, choose wisdom – yet when to rise and fight!

To let Him know who He was, whose He was and all He would do

To love those around Him, the least and lost- the few


People later couldn’t believe His Power

-Isn’t this the carpenter’s son?

Yes, YES, and I’m proud of this son

That’s the beauty of Adoption, he’s fully my one

Yet this gift I got to share with the great I AM


My son I helped you grow and hope you always know

Right here we are for you, this is your home

-Yet to another home you must also go

To make a way for all.

To be called sons and daughters – this was always the plan

All adopted by the Almighty, call Him Father, to reconcile God to man


Sharing the role of father may look hard

Yet it was a privilege to do

For it gave me precious years with you, my boy

I hope others will choose it too

The plan is Adoption, you are from the line of David because of my heritage, all inheritance to you was mine

You have my name, yet also one greater…

To you my son, The Messiah, Immanuel, Wonderful Counsellor, King of Kings, Yahweh,

My Jesus, I bow my knee