The most significant day…

Most days Facebook reminds me of something from years ago. Sometimes it’s a cute video or photo and I click on it to take a closer look, to remember and share it. Sometimes it’s a hideous reminder of bad outfit choices, or relationship choices, or just stuff that makes me CRINGE!

Often, more often that I have previously given credit to, it reminds me of status’ from my days working in prison. Often saying “I’m headed in to do a group/service/play..please pray!” Then the utter joy in the comments below as I delight over what has happened. Often giving a number of women who chose to make ‘the greatest decision of their lives’!!!

Today my memories were even made into a video for me by Facebook as this is my 6 year wedding anniversary! I would say that therefore the 3rd December is a really significant day for me. A day that I will always remember, because I chose to say ‘Yes’ to Lawrence Bettany over any other man I have ever met and will ever meet. I chose to love him, cherish him and forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as we both shall live-till death.

I loved going through the photos and remembering this day, 3rd December, will always be precious.

Today I got to experience someone else’s most significant day. I wasn’t at a wedding. I was in my church. At the end the speaker said ‘if anyone would like to say that they choose to no longer go their own way, to choose this new way, to follow Jesus and the plans and hope and future He has for you-then please stand’

…..nothing happened..but I saw the young woman in front of me shift in her chair.. I prayed COURAGE into her from where I was sat. He asked again..please stand now.

Up she stood.

I knew that in that moment the whole of heaven started their party just for her! I can still feel the excitement and bursting joy that she chose to stand.

I went over & stood next to her. Asked if it was ok to chat, introduced myself, found out her name. I explained that we often like to pray & just say some stuff out loud because this is now a significant day. I asked she had prayed this prayer before-she said she has kind of prayed before but not done this. So I offered her to pray after me, as it is powerful to declare the truth we are saying & the promises we are making.

Just like those promises I made to my husband 6years ago. We prayed and she received forgiveness, she spoke out that she is clean-whole-precious-loved-a new creation-restored, that even on her hardest day she will choose Him. We ended the prayer saying

Now Jesus, I am yours & you are mine

What a beautiful truth. That she never need walk alone, she will have the God of all wisdom, kindness, grace, power and love walking with her and guiding her. She has received the gift that He has bought for us by the act of love He showed in dying & rising again.

She has made a covenant, a promise. Which she can look back on and know that the 3rd Dec is a significant day. The greatest decision she will ever make. His love has pursued her since she was formed by Him in her mothers womb and today they were re-united. To start this partnership adventure together.

I feel so honoured to have witnessed it. Just as the guests at my wedding have messaged love and remembrance as they were there on my wedding day. This day is far greater-my vow to Lawrence was ’till death parts us’. This promise made today has eternal significance.

I used to have this honour fairly regularly in prisons. Women who would choose to truly live by living in the fullness of God’s plan- and I would love to pray with them as they spoke out their love and promises to Him. Being able to stand alongside this lady today, reaping what so many have prayed and put in to her and seeing the beautiful fruit.

I believe she will see many more make the same decision she has, I pray I see many more too. I believe it is the greatest decision one could ever make and I join with heaven to celebrate one more ❤️

Happy December 3rd–and who knows, if you are reading this and also want to make that decision,whatever date it may be, this can be the most significant day of your life!

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