Giant-Slaying Time

There is something strangely warming about being awake at 2am feeding baby when there’s rain hitting the window. I love the sound and feel of the rain pattering all over the glass and hearing the wind blow the trees (tree, we have one on the road outside!). I’m not usually up at this time but baby girl has a sniffly cold so is struggling to sleep.

I think I love the sound because it brings back memories of our caravan. Being young and family holidays in the caravan were so exciting. Though I would annoy my family as I would pray for rain- and my request was always granted! When it rained they’d say

“Arghh Hannah, did you pray for rain again?”

‘Yeh but just for on Weds and Thursday the rest of the week I’d like it sunny’

Sure enough, it really would always be as I asked, even down to the specific times I’d set! Could be coincidence but I love my Heavenly Father and I’ve always felt this was a special small way of Him showing me He heard me.

Why would I want the rain? My family never understood why I would pray for rain! It stops you going out- but you get to shut the doors and cuddle up with a hot chocolate and a good film. We’d all do things together. Whether it be all together reading books or doing colouring- or often mum would buy us craft things like those super annoying foil pictures which my sister was amazing at and I’d end up messing up mine! Inside the caravan, knowing that no-matter the storm and cold outside. I was safe and warm with the ones I loved the most.

Yet often we just look at the storm. We look at the rain and the cold and see the things that the rain is stopping. The fun we could be having were this weather not in the way! All that we are missing out on, all that we have lost – thanks to the rain.

I heard a talk recently from Loui Giglio on tbnUK about David and Goliath. Something He said absolutely changed that story for me forever.

david and goliath

He was saying how well we know the story, most of us even if we’ve never really been to church know this tale. That a young boy, had courage greater than a whole army of men, saw a huge giant boasting of himself and blaspheming their God, presented a challenge. If anyone comes against Goliath and defeats him- the Israelites (goodies) win, if not and Goliath wins then the Philistines (baddies) win.

We have giants today, same as we have storms. Things that feel huge and overwhelming. Things that have roots of anxiety, fear, depression etc. Sometimes we look at this story and think we have got to be David. I have always looked at this story and thought YES, rise-up, get on with it, be faith-filled. Go and kill that giant.

Yet Louis said –

You are not David. Jesus is David 

Jesus is the Giant Slayer, you just have to recognise Him for who He is and what He has done. 

Imagine, if after David gave that sling-shot to Goliaths’ head and he was knocked out. The army is still unsure, thinking ‘well.. he might still get up. I’m not sure he’s really gone’. So to be sure David goes over and cuts Goliaths head off to show all watching- no, this is DONE!

The same way Jesus has for us. David walked out to defeat Goliath, not in his own strength but because He had a history with His God, David had killed a bear and lions before that day. He knew God and how He took care of Him. David says in the psalms

“When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?” ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭8:3-4‬ ‭NIV‬‬


He has a galactic view of God. He sees Goliath is tall, yet He has seen bigger. He has seen the Almighty’s work, He has spent nights looking up, looking high. He sees the bigger picture of how great and vast this God is and He trusts Him completely. As a child trust good father, He trusts His.

As Jesus trusted. He’d been with the father since the beginning. He was there through it all. Then he came and defeated death. He cut the head off all the lies of the enemy, He brought perfect love to cast out fear. He has done it and He is victorious- so we get to stand with Him on the side of victory, as overcomers.

I pray that whatever storm you know is going on outside your window, that you can take time to really see what is in front of you. I heard this week

‘It is impossible to be fearful and grateful at the same time’.

I also pray that whatever Giant is jeering you, bringing fear and intimidation- that you can stand knowing you are on the winning side. That an unassuming yet fiercely strong young man from Bethlehem has defeated the Giant for you. He has gone before, invite Him to show you where He is.

That you lift your eyes up the heavens, see the wonder of this creation and know your God is bigger than any Giant… it’s Giant-staying time!

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