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1. Identity 


At the start of working in prisons I tried to ‘fit in’ with cool music, the new trainers and chat about stuff I didn’t really have a clue about! God soon taught me that He had chosen me to! So I started making cupcakes with the girls with of course, Barbie sprinkles! This monologue was the result of this can only be you-and he LOVES that! 

5 very different girls speed dating-until the creator steps in!

2. Grace


I had a dream in which I saw a lady being treated horribly by a man, he would then apologise and the cycle continued. I heard God say ‘This is how people treat Grace’. I then saw a beautiful, strong women who you wouldn’t mess with “This is Grace” Jesus said. When I woke up I had this whole monologue and just spoke it out all the way to work then wrote it down. A complete download from the ultimate script writer! 

It looks at 3 women in the genealogy of Christ. Sarah, Rahab and Mary..their stories..and how they met Grace.

3. The Middle

The Middle

During a very difficult time of feeling ‘where is God in my pain’, I would read bible stories and stop halfway through. God was showing me to not always rush to the end thinking ‘I know this story’ but to find that throughout history people have felt as I did. Maybe we are just in the middle of our story…

How these monologues could be used;

Take one of the themes as a basis for a talk, prayer meeting, small group or to encourage a friend! If you would like more details or for Hannah to come and speak or perform herself, please do get in touch.

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