2 0 1 7 Grateful (Top10)

At the end of 2017 I want to look back at all that I am thankful for this year. Just quick 10 points, to one day look back on!

1. F A M I L Y

My family all live close by and this year have supported me through all the highs & lows. We are a ‘drop everything’ tribe and I am so thankful for each of you ❤️

< strong>F R I E N D S <<<<
ayed last New Year that God would help us be (not have 😂) better friends. We wanted to learn how to love people better. I'm not sure if we succeeded but we have certainly grown closer and received so much from so many gorgeous people.

3. P R E G N A N C Y The gift of being pregnant came as a beautiful surprise at the end of 2016! I am so thankful to say that I really enjoyed the experience and felt my best through it. Though the final days were terribly hard, the process of carrying my little girl is an experience I never took for granted. I tried to soak up every bit and really did love it. I also have some INCREDIBLE ladies who chose to celebrate so amazingly with me! You’ve never seen anything like my Baby-Shower..one of the best days EVER! My dream came true and it was such a surprise in Wonderland for Poppy’s ‘Happy Un’birthday’ !

4. M I R A C L E S There have been miracles throughout 2017. Things I prayed for, and saw answers to. Some things that seemed scary to ask for and yet I have a God who says ‘For me nothing is impossible’- I truly am believing for more in 2018. My baby coming out of hospital after a couple scary bursts and other family members & friends have also been through it this year yet now are well and healthy. There’s still much to pray for, but it’s so good to look back and THANK Him too!

5. W E D D I N G S I love a wedding! I love the covenant- I love people being in love and the promises they make to each other forever. I also love the food and dancing with people you’ve not seen. Some very special people were Wed this year..here are a few.. I pray so much joy over your 2018s..

6. C H U R C H & M A T E R N I T Y I wasn’t sure how maternity leave would feel. Being the leader of our Church (and female) meant there was no clear way of doing maternity. Yet I am so thankful to say that a friend of mine, Lucy, took on the leadership of our site during maternity and she is wonderful. She has made me feel so welcome to stay in touch while also running it like a boss! She has such a kind heart and has taken on each challenge with wisdom and grace. I have loved seeing her lead and really am so thankful for her. To have this church as such a home and support has been incredible- we love our church and the people who make it!

7. P A R T I E S I’m all about a party. I think it’s so important to celebrate life and we have had and been to some awesome ones this year. Less than previous years, sadly, due to a newborn making it hard. So next year, if your having a party- I expect an invite. One of my faves was celebrating my boys birthday with his chosen theme of SHINY! He loves the crab in the film Moana (our fave film of the year) so we got shiny with some of our besties..

8. G O O D 😊 T I M E S There has been a lot of GOOD mixed in with the bad of 2017. Some highlights include holidays- we had our first break as the three of us before we became four. Spring Harvest was fun (despite illness!), my highlight being my Dad dressed up as a pirate on main stage as I watched him on tv! Also gatherings with all of my husbands family is always pretty special as there’s so many of us now!

9. M Y ❤️ T H R E E ❤️ BEST Always thankful for my three. I love each of them and want to keep learning how to be the best mum and wife I can. They are my joy

10. J E S U S For His comfort when I need someone close, for His support when I’m not sure I can. His faithfulness when I can’t see what will come, for His incredible way of being so huge he can carry everything yet so deeply interested in the smallest detail of me and each of us. Always thankful for His everlasting love, His pursuing of me and His forgiving me.

I pray that this year is a year of breakthrough and promises fulfilled. For us to get closer to Jesus and trust Him with everything. To remain thankful as it really does help to change how we act and feel. For example, I have written this while sat in a carpark unmoving trying to get out of Aldi! It took me over and hour to get out of a car park as it’s NYE so everyone’s copying me and buying their meal for tonight! Yet instead of being stressed and angry, I have enjoyed being grateful. Sure I have forgotten an awful lot but this is my Top10 of 2017 ❤️

You can’t be grateful and fearful/stressed/angry at the same time- I hope to choose grateful more often!

One thought on “2 0 1 7 Grateful (Top10)

  1. Hannah this is a great post! Really loved reading this…..will be viewing Aldi car park in a completely different light now!….Thank You….

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