International Women’s Day- for my daughter

Today is the first International Women’s Day where I have a daughter. I love this day and all the women from history and around us now who get highlighted. It’s made me think- which women inspire me. There are so many famous women I look up to over the years of history. Yet more than that I feel like which women do I look at and think ‘if my daughter was like her I would be proud’. There are SO many, so this totally has the potential to offend all the many I can’t mention. Let’s go for it anyway..


Katherine has loved me since I was a baby girl! She has always been a safe place, a wise advisor and the way she cares for others is beautiful. Through fostering and loving children who need her and also through how she lights up any situation with her smile and joy. If Poppy was to be anywhere near as kind and Jesus-like as Katherine I will be so thankful.


Raising seven children and caring for each of them, seeing it is never ending! One of the hardest working women and has a gift of being content. Something I would love to learn from. Anji has a childlike-ness about her and I love my chats with her. If Poppy can grow to have her steadfast faithfulness of loving Jesus and loving people as her Nannie – what a gift that will be!


The main word I felt for Ayms is fervour. I have seen over the years her constant passion for the poor, for those on the outskirts, for those who she can bring closer. No-matter the age, background, behaviour – she loves and creatively brings in. Through counselling, her work but also her day to day. I love the way she questions and influences. I prayed my husband would have the attributes of her husband and I pray my daughter has the attributes of Amy.


Julie is my go-to when I need someone to be real, to get it, to agree that something just is pretty crap 💩 if it is! Yet then she will sneakily bring in the wisdom & hope. Julie has six children and I learn so much from her family, from how they have grown and challenged ‘norms’ and fight for each other. Gosh, I love her and if my girl can have some of the fierceness and strength of Julie and her girls then watch out world!


Joy is so needed, in this world than can feel scary to be bringing children up in- man we need FUN! Lauren has an absolute gift of joy, I need her and her silly funny crazy ways. She is a burst of fresh air and an incredible, loyal and caring friend. I will love to watch Poppy grow up watching Lauren and hope a whole heap of that joy is rubbed off onto my girl!


The women of my family are my most precious example of women I want Poppy to grow into. Nanan’s life-long example of putting family first, Rachel’s bravery & perseverance throughout all things, Emma’s organisational skills and inclusivity of people. So much is wrapped up in these women.

Poppy’s name is Poppy Aria Zoe because Zoe means ‘Life’ and I want her to live life to the full. This is also my mum’s name, she lives life to the full and has always been my greatest friend, supporter, an example of how to love well! I wanted Zoe in her name as a hope and prayer that she will grow to be like her Nannie.

This little beauty will be who she is. I pray that in this world where so many women struggle and many have gone before us to fight for our freedom that she will know she can lead, she can be all she hopes. I pray she always loves others. I pray that the vast amount of women who love and support and inspire me will influence and spur her on to be the most incredible woman- I am so excited to meet her each day and see all she will be!

Huge thanks to each of the women in my world ❤️

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