Sat, trying not to cry…

I met a lady this week whose daughters had been starved. In Manchester. About 30mins from my home. So when they came to her, after being in different foster care homes, when they finally had a mummy- they would always need to be able to see food. They can’t have cupboards empty or hear someone […]

International Women’s Day- for my daughter

Today is the first International Women’s Day where I have a daughter. I love this day and all the women from history and around us now who get highlighted. It’s made me think- which women inspire me. There are so many famous women I look up to over the years of history. Yet more than […]

To love a child that’s not your own?..Impossible.

In southern chin state when a step parent gets involved they almost always don’t want the partners children from a previous marriage. Sometimes they try to kill them. Therefore they run away or are taken by someone to an orphanage.  Orphanges often care the best they can. They have a lot of children to care […]

Why are we in Burma!?

Explaining why I’m in Burma so you have context for my rambling thoughts!  I’m currently in Kalay, Myanmar (Burma) visiting homes that we have supported for years. Last trip it felt fun as we just played & enjoyed the children. This time we have linked with a larger charity & I feel like we have […]

Dear Daddy ? 

This morning I was up at 3am with my little Lion. When I came back to bed I heard my name called, I’d kept feeling through the day like I heard my name but nobody there. So I wondered, like with Samuel in the night with Eli in 1samuel (bible) , if perhaps it was […]

I 💛 Adoption

Rocking my little lion to sleep tonight holding him and thanking heaven. It was like I suddenly saw different characters from the bible & I saw something I’ve not seen before, I felt God was talking to me about Adoption. If these characters were in today’s society it may read; David was long-term fostered & […]