Dear Daddy ? 

This morning I was up at 3am with my little Lion. When I came back to bed I heard my name called, I’d kept feeling through the day like I heard my name but nobody there. So I wondered, like with Samuel in the night with Eli in 1samuel (bible) , if perhaps it was my God. So , too tired to speak I reached my hand to the sky & said in the heart ‘Yes Lord, your servant is listening’ 

Then I saw me doing a monologue & grabbed my phone to type this out as it came. So at 3.38am 10th June 2015. This is what came.. 


“I see the way you look at her

The hold the care the kiss

I see the things I could have had but for me it was a miss

I see the pushes on a swing, the plaiting of her hair

I see her, the apple of your eye & I – you don’t notice there.

I understand, please don’t think I don’t
She’s the one you watched grow inside your wife

The one you dreamed you’d hold

The one you woke up through the night for 

And whose tiny clothes you loved to fold

I understand, I promise I see

This girl is your baby, 

but I wonder if your baby 

could also be me?

I am 6years old not cute and newborn
But I’d love to be with you.

It’d be hard at first- I have been through a lot, can’t promise to be true

See I was not formed in your wife’s womb but I was formed in a womb

I was seen, designed and wonderfully made

Not known by you but KNOWN by Him and He had a plan all of his own

He has called me and put dreams inside

His love for me is endless

He sees who I can become,not my past , and with me he chose to abide

He died for me and calls me adopted, I’m the daughter of a king
This Truth can guide, can heal and release me 

But who will nurture and show”


‘You who have been forgiven much should also ye forgive

Let the children come to me don’t turn them away help them live

Care for the windows and orphans as I have cared for you

Do all this in my name and I will lead you through’

Girl: “I have a Heavenly Father, 
the same one you have come to know

He took you where he found you and gave to you a home

He fed and clothed and brought you, all that was his now yours 

He calls you beloved, his heir, his son

For you his battle on earth was won

You are adopted into family, no longer left alone

Could you do the same for me?

Do you have space at your table, 

the strength to push another swing?

The love to overcome the hard times for the joy of calling me yours?

To know me inside out and one day walk me down the aisle..

To see all I could become not what reports have been my past,

To be my daddy and me be known as daughter

My Heavenly Father has shown you how to love 

I will love to call you Daddy’


I don’t know what I need to do with this but it feels powerfully overwhelming to me. God has shown me the voice of one of his children who is looking for a family. So I wanted to share and pray God speaks. I could hold onto this untill it’s a polished piece, but if this helps one child find a family today then I’m not holding it for a second. Please pray & share x

I just went on Home For Good & have seen their video. Check it out. God is Definately speaking!

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