Collecting love @ 21months 

Today I sorted out my Lions wardrobe. My sister has given me the next stage up, clothes 2-3yrs 😩 He isn’t two till September but is in these clothes now. So I’ve packed up his 12-24 month clothes for her to have for my nephew Leo. 

(As an aside, please know that the hope my sister so bravely blogged about a while back..’s name from God is Leo ❤️ He is healthy happy smiley bundle of Joy & we thank God for his life)

Packing away tops and trousers and things that I’ve dressed my baby in but now he’s outgrown has left me with a funny feeling. I am so in love with this boy & I feel so thankful to have him. 

As someone who is very up & down emotionally, my husband says I ‘feel too much’ haha it’s good for me to focus on thankfulness. So I thought I’d take a minute, and this will probably interest nobody but me. Yet here it is! Something I can look back at and remember. 

I saw a beautiful poem a husband had written his wife today of ‘Love Is..’ So Ben, you are my inspiration (but I can’t do poems & it won’t rhyme!). But I’ll try to see for me and my Lion what Love looks like. 

* Love is.. Dancing & making everyone else join in! Especially when I feel pants, but he decides it’s time to dance & sing so he laughs & shouts DANCE MUMMY. Without knowing it at all He is used by heaven to fill me with joy & shake it off! 

* Love is..a big sense of humour, his side smiles & big giggle when he looks at me. I feel like that song about ‘you’ve got a secret smile & you use it only for me’ is true for my boy, he’s got secret looks & smiles that you only get to know if your close enough to know him! 

* Love is..moments of pause during play where he just hugs my leg..for no other reason than that he just wants to love me.
*Love is..playing games. When he thinks he’s hidden under a blanket & shouts “I’M HERE” then laughs crazily. 

*Love is.. enjoying how quickly he’s picking up words & learning like a sponge. Even the words I don’t want him to know yet like ‘No, Wait,Stop’ with his pointing finger that I know copies mine! Yet also words like “Luv u, pwease, help”

*Love is..going in his room each morning singing ‘This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice & be glad in it’. It comes to my mind most times I walk in his room! Then I Love how each morning he likes to check in with who is around to see..”Nannie? Emma? Nanan?Kohl?..”
* Love every time he’s on the ‘phone’ (any toy he decides is ringing) it’s always his Poppa calling “Hellooooo Poppa” big grin! 

* Love is..CAKE! He loves of food. He always loves fruit & can peel his own tangerine. Yet the main word he SHOUTS in public is CAKE! 😳

*Love Plays keyboard, shakers, recorders, trumpets but mainly guitar. Yes he’s 21months old but trust me..he got skills! 

* Love is..story reading. His love of books. He studies each page and loves to sit on laps & hear story after story. It’s the easiest way to become his friend, grab a book and sit with him. 
*Love is.. drinking milk & snuggling in. I love these warm moments where he just needs me & either is tired or poorly or nervous of someone else. So he needs to snuggle right in. My favourite! 

*Love is..walking slowly holding hands. Giving time as he’s interested in all details of things you walk past, every flower exciting & fun to smell, every grid a game to wobble & make noise on. Every person, someone to say hello to and smile at (untill they say something in return then he’ll hide!) 
*Love is.. being together. Him singing ‘HappyBirthday’ when he’s on my husbands shoulders because it is just his ‘Happy’ song. It is his way of showing he is truly happy, when he’s with us all, he’ll start singing Happy Birthday ❤️ 

I love this boy. I am so glad I get to watch him grow & want to enjoy and capture and remember as much as I can. I watched ‘About Time’ last night. A film which I recommend as it’s lovely, it reminded me again to try and live each day the best and fullest we can. Trusting God with it all.
Finally I love moments where he does the same, my boy just stops mid play and lies down for a rest! We can learn from him to sometimes break from the play (or stress) to just stock & be thankful. ❤️


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