Out of my comfort zone..He makes me brave.

Last night (sunday night) I was a bit at the end of myself, sat basically in a carpark in the ridiculous heat with little Lion crying and irritable next to me. Everything got a bit much, I couldn’t analyse myself so I asked my husband to tell me how I was feeling-a dangerous thing to […]

Why are we in Burma!?

Explaining why I’m in Burma so you have context for my rambling thoughts!  I’m currently in Kalay, Myanmar (Burma) visiting homes that we have supported for years. Last trip it felt fun as we just played & enjoyed the children. This time we have linked with a larger charity & I feel like we have […]

Heading to Burma..

Tonight/early hours of tomorrow I am heading with my little family (Husband and two yr old) to Myanmar (Burma).  I have sat down for two minutes as we are packed (after the classic arguing and case shuffling).  My heads been going a tad crazy the last couple weeks as it kept thinking of extras. Like […]