Heading to Burma..

Tonight/early hours of tomorrow I am heading with my little family (Husband and two yr old) to Myanmar (Burma). 

I have sat down for two minutes as we are packed (after the classic arguing and case shuffling). 

My heads been going a tad crazy the last couple weeks as it kept thinking of extras. Like working out that I have enough nappies to last the whole trip as long as he only needs four a day. He needs to wear each top twice-and pjamas for as long as possible. That kinda thing! Then I realised that I also will need clothes..thankfully not nappies! 

Then early this week I read about an old lady who was going into a nursing home. She hadn’t even seen her room yet and thanked the lady hugely for it, though she hadn’t yet seen her room. She replied that she chooses joy, chooses to be thankful ahead of things. 

In that moment I chose to be thankful. To choose joy. I am excited to go but was starting to get tense with little worries and yet in that moment thought ‘Yes God, I give it you. I will choose joy.’ 

That is my aim, I want this trip to be filled with joy and peace. So it starts right now with my attitude. 

I had this word for a friend a few weeks back but the verse has been buzzing round my head all week-

Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.” Deut 31.8

I love this that He is ‘personally‘ going ahead of you 👌How powerful and yet beautiful is that. If my Dad walks before me into a situation then I can have total security that I will be safe, that even if it’s not a perfect situation (as he doesn’t promise an easy life) I can have security that He has gone before me and made a way. It’s not my responsibility. 

Then wonderful friends of ours came over this morning and surprised us with brunch-with prosecco-quality friends 🍾 and as they prayed over us they said the same. Without knowing all this they said that He goes before us and it’s not our responsibility. 

So that is the security and spirit that I chose to go in. Not in my strength but in His, excited for all He will do. I pray for you, that in every situation you are stepping into this week-that you know your God has personally gone before you. What a wonderful father He is ❤️

We would appreciate you praying for us as a family throught our time in Burma this November. Big love & thanks x

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