Feeling close to death..

Waiting in the airport lobby. We suddenly hear huge loud rain. Though as most places here have tin roofs it didn’t worry me much as rain sounds louder everywhere. 
‘It’ll probably be fine, doesn’t look like too much rain’ I told Lawrence. Just then, more rain fell, even harder and wind swept fast and crazy through the trees. I hope I’m right.
We got on the little bus to the airplane as people ‘coo’ and ‘aww’ at little Lion. His red rosy cheeks are a huge hit here. Everybody wants to touch or take photos of him. He’s doing well and we are holding him tight! 

A man sits close on the bus right next to me ‘where you from?’ We discuss the inevitable end to this question as it happens over & over again here..I pretend I’m a fan of ManUnited and smile excitedly that yes we live near Old Trafford! 

A row of Burmese men hold umbrellas making a kind of tunnel to the airplane. Lawrence holds Lion, they go ahead of me, so as they all rush to cover the baby for as much as possible I trail behind getting soaked in the rain! 
We get aboard our tiny plane. A mix of people on board. Mainly Burmese as we fly north from city Yangon to more rural Kalaymyo. 
Two seats either side of the aisle Loz sits next to Lion, baby sleeps immediately on him. Lawrence leans over just before we fly and mouths ‘love you’ 
“….you think we might die!” I say hushed! He rarely spontaneously says that, normally he tells me when prompted with a ‘dya love me’ question which he hates! So I know somethings up. He’s not great with flying anyway but he looks worried. 
“It’s fine. We will be fine. Sing worship if you get nervous, planes so loud nobody can hear.” I say. 
Then we set off and it’s a bumpy take off. When in the sky though it is more than bumpy.
    I don’t do rollercoasters as I hate that sick-dropping feeling you get. I felt that over&over&over. It was so turbulent I had to genuinely hold onto my seat like in a film. At times we all jumped out of our seat. You saw everyone bob off their seats. Pulling my seatbelt tighter. So glad lion is fast asleep tucked into his Daddy. 
I looked forward and saw another white couple. They looked well-off and middle-aged. My thought was ‘well if they are onboard it must be fine.’ 
Then quickly answered that silly thought with ‘death comes for everyman’ 
In the summer I went to watch Everyman at The National Theatre in London. It was incredible. Really interesting story of a man (called Everyman) trying to run away from a man ‘death’. When he realised he couldn’t run he tried to buy him out, when he realised he couldn’t buy him he went angry and decided to party & stuck two fingers up at death..as he realised death was coming closer he tried to do ‘good deeds’ to show he wasn’t bad and didn’t deserve death, yet in the end..death caught him ‘because death comes for Everyman’ 
A very thought provoking piece of theatre. There was so much in it production wise that was beautiful but really it was the themes and questions which have stayed with me.
This flight is the closest I have come to really feel that death comes for Everyman. Just because that couple look successful and nice, if this plane was going down, then yes..they would come too. 
There was something missing in the show of Everyman though. There was nothing he could do. Death was coming & no amount of running or trying could stop it. I believe though that there is something that could have stepped in for him. Something that steps in for Everyman who seeks.
Saving Grace

Abundant, Beautiful, Powerful,  Grace.

What is grace?
It is the free gift of salvation. 

People can often think Christians are going on about grace or Jesus because we think we are better than everyone else. In fact it is far from that. We have simply accepted a free, good gift. We have realised we need a saviour.
If Everyman had said “Death is coming and yet I want eternal life”. The name he would have needed to call was not family, friends, credit cards, even medicine. The only name that could step in would be Jesus. 
If this plane (yes I’m still on it, seatbelt fastened) was to fall, I know I am safe. I know where I am going. Into the arms of Jesus. I know my family will come with me. I have complete confidence in that. 
I have no fear in death. I don’t think today is my day, yet my day will come. For death comes for Everyman. If we switched places now, would you have this peace? I’m not super human, I hate when the plane shakes and I feel sick. Yet I have a firmer anchor in my soul,not in me but in Him. I pray you know your security. As death does come for everyman, but Jesus came to bring Life for Everyman who will receive it. Just like that…the storm clears and flying is smoother than ever.

Written on the plane. Off it now and safe in more rural area Kalay. Limited wifi. Don’t worry mum. We are all good and happy ❤️


One thought on “Feeling close to death..

  1. Thank you Hannah! Love the way you write! Its what i stop for in all the busyness I have to stop and take note. much love! Pam x

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