Handover to my Husband..

Today was the official handover, Loz handed in his notice in January and finished work yesterday. It felt pretty surreal, yet freeing at the same time! So today was the first day in which I was the one going out to work while he stayed home and looked after the kids.

This hasn’t been a quick decision. A lot of prayer and discussion has gone into it. We have both realised things about ourselves, about how we naturally decide ‘roles’. How we can support each other’s dreams and callings. We have had months of wondering, deciding then waiting and now today was day one!

Lawrence is an amazing Dad, I don’t say that lightly. He honestly is such an incredible man and brings fun, kindness, comfort, strength and a huge bundle of love to our children. Today, I just realised what I was handing over though. Three days a week, He will get to be fully in charge of our most precious things!

So I thought I’d better write him a handover document. Now because he is Dad, he knows how to care for them so there wasn’t any codes to pass on! Yet there were just three things I wanted to make sure he took on.

Ignore my dyslexia!

1) Forward-think, with the flexibility of it not happening how you want it!

2) Kids come first!

3) Enjoy it!

As you can see the descriptions for each point are above. I felt quite emotional as I have loved giving all my time to these two monkeys. Thankfully I am still going to have so much time with them, I’m not going anywhere, yet going back to work does change things..so I went to work.

I started the day with staff prayers & worship. I know- what a great job! In the worship I just was telling God how I felt and I really felt God saying that these three things were also His handover to me in my new role, not just for Loz in his.

1) Make plans, but be flexible to them changing

As God does what He wants not necessarily how I plan it!

2) Jesus comes first!

He is numero uno. He is most precious and my wants come second to His. It is all about Him and above all else, I choose obedience. After Him, comes my family, they are the most precious.

3) Enjoy it!

I want to really enjoy this role. Serving Jesus and His Church is a huge responsibility yet it is meant to be a light yoke. Something I can carry with joy and fun and help others live lives to the full. I want to grow in generosity, kindness, wisdom and extravagant fun! I believe He wants us to enjoy life, knowing there will be hard times, but we choose joy.

So as we both chill on the sofa, exhausted from our busy days, our new normal. I thought I’d share these thoughts & pray for you as you read this that you will find the three things God is shaping for you 💛

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