You are the best..

Little thought this morning. I am not very well so my Lion is looking after me. He’s worked hard on making me a tower. His speciality!

When he brings it to me he walks steadily, holding it so carefully..with the proudest face on..tongue out. He declares “I made it. Tis for you mummy”

It reminds me of how it may be for God when I come to Him. When sometimes I come bringing worship with a song or speaking to Him in prayer or even just offering a situation into His hands choosing to no longer hold onto it myself. That something which for me seems so huge, so important, maybe I put a lot of time into it and I think it’s something pretty great. Yet I choose to hand it over to Jesus.

Maybe it looks like this to Him

My reaction? Total Joy! I LOVE this tower, I love that He has chosen me to give it to. Something that is seemingly small, that’s easily broken and yet easily remade or reworked has been given to me. I love seeing that tongue proudly out of His mouth & I love the hug he wants after because he knows I’ll be so happy I’ll want a cuddle!

This I know is the same with our Heavenly Father. He is full of joy over us. He delights over us. He can remodel and make what we hand Him, or He can just treasure it and we can know it’s in the safest hands. We can trust that He is pleased with us and take in His embrace as He holds us.

Then, to top it. I say “Wow, thank you. You are the best!” To which my 2yr old Lion says,

“Yes. I am the best”

This is the confidence we should have when we have been close to our God, that He speaks over you that you are the best. We don’t hide from it, we don’t tell Him all the reasons we are not. We simply are like children and acknowledge it, embrace it, own it..

Yes. I am the best! I can do all things thanks to You and the the strength you give me.

So I pray that today you walk into everything with the faith of a child. Knowing that you can trust all things, even the most precious, into the hands of your father in heaven and with total assurance walk into every situation head high..because you are the best! As am I


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