We are Family…

I am writing this feeling rested and just in a good place. I’m taking note of that as I think I can often write out of sadness, confusion or tiredness so its a treat to write feeling…good! That is mainly thanks to my grandparents, they took my gorgeous 2yr old boy this weekend, our first night […]

Fear and Puddles

My mother-in-law (Anji) is one of the most inspiring, hard working, kind women that I have ever met. She has raised and loved seven children, then went to work in a care home and went from cleaner to manager and just is an absolute trooper! She chose to retire a couple years back, after years […]

GOOD Friday – Thankfully the middle

I cannot imagine the emotions that went on that day. When people who had loved him now turned and hated him, to the point of death. Where people who had sung his praises now shouted abuse and all kinds of lies spilled out. Where the ones he had loved,healed, walked with, befriended were nowhere to […]


Vision is such a powerful thing. A direction to head in, a united sense of being together heading for the same goal. I think before today i knew that, but from today I have experienced the power of it and feel empowered by having it. Of course, as a Christian, we have the great commission. […]

To All my Many Mums .. With love & thanks

Thankful for My Nanan for showing me so much wisdom and your as young as you feel. Your love for people reaches so far beyond our family and has touched so many. Thankful for my Sister for showing me how to be a true,constant ,forgiving and loving friend. For giving me the gift of being an […]

Five Years in prison taught me…

1. Respect Freedom This probably seems like the most obvious one. It would be easier to say enjoy or value your freedom, remember each day how amazing it is that we have freedom.  But it’s quite unrealistic in our day to day lives to be genuinely aware of our freedom-especially if we have never been […]


I have a nephew, when he was born my Dad decided he was too young to be a ‘granddad’ so somehow the name ‘Poppa D’ appeared. And it has stuck! So Kohl (who is 2yrs & gorgeous) calls him Poppa. Kohl loves our family but when Poppa walks in the room it is something different! […]

Sunday Service ‘Trust’

To say that today’s service in prison was good, or ‘yes it went well thanks’, feels like it gives God none of the true glory he deserves for what happened today in prison! I am not sure that writing a blog post is giving him full glory either, but at least I have the space […]