To All my Many Mums .. With love & thanks

Thankful for My Nanan for showing me so much wisdom and your as young as you feel. Your love for people reaches so far beyond our family and has touched so many.

Thankful for my Sister for showing me how to be a true,constant ,forgiving and loving friend. For giving me the gift of being an Aunty with such joy.

Thankful for the women in my Bettany family who show me how every mum is different and unique & each bring something so special to each create the most gorgeous children who have welcomed me with so much Love.

Thankful for my newly-mum friends who have shown me what it means to be excited for leaving the house, yet how it feels to cherish and care for someone else so beautifully. To put them before yourself as suddenly they are the most important thing you’ve been called to.

Thankful for my older-children mum friends who show me what patience truly looks like and how to bring fun and life into a child’s life.. even into homework!

Thankful for my teenage-phase mums who show me what protection means. Who are not going to stand for what the world says they’re children should become but look higher and fight for them with every ounce of love and prayer.

Thankful for my step-mum friends who are so far from Cinderella they need a new story writing! Where they are the Hero as they care for these children like their own and show me what motherhood is all about.

Thankful to my single mum & single Dad friends. I am amazed by your constant strength and perseverance. You have so much to do and yet have capacity and are blessed with double the love! You are such an inspiration and show me what it is to keep going.

Thankful for my soon-to-be mum friends. Who have been through pain and yet hold on to Hope knowing that one day they will Rise Gladly to nurse their baby in the night. Who are Proverbs31 women and delight themselves in The Lord. They have shown me what strength is and I am so grateful for these friendships.


Thankful for my adopted-mummy friends who do the work of all the mummies and also show me how to deeply understand a child and nurture them into understanding their identity. Who surround their children with so much love & point them to the One who created them , gave them life and Destiny.

Thankful for my friends who don’t have their mum today. Through whatever reason are not able to send a bunch of flowers. I see your bravery, I am moved by your ability to still love other mums and be amazing ones yourselves. You are loved daughters, the King most High is enthralled by your beauty.

Thankful for my friends who are mums, not to birth children, but to so many men & women who need support and a mothers love. Your are chosen by heaven for this role and it’s written all over your life. You show me what it is to love without bounds .

Finally I am thankful to my own Mum. Zoe Delaney has been the most inspiring woman. I am thankful for her compassion , her constant love and her intimate closeness with her main love-Jesus. She’s shown me how to be a wife , daughter , mother, nurse , friend and faithful servant. I love you.

To all the Mums in my life, I am so thankful for each of you and all you teach me, mainly on the days you think your doing a bad job! You each are helping mold me to hopefully be something like you when I myself have my child to mother . Thank you, Happy Mothers Day.

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