Standing on a cliff edge

Today is a big day for my family. Decisions are going to be made which will determine a lot for my future. I know I can write tomorrow when I know if it’s good or bad but I felt I need to write about how it feels when your in this middle place.. Before the decisions made & while I feel like I’m standing on the edge of something..


I love the concept of there being ‘Middle Place’ times in our lives. God had really spoken to me about this over the last couple years & one of my monologues is about this. Through a particularly hard season God showed me that I wasn’t alone but also neither was I done with. It was simply the middle of the story He was telling.

As I read His word Holy Spirit would gently say ‘just stop did they feel’. This particularly happened during the story of Jairus in Luke 8.40 as his daughter is sick. Have a read & imagine what he must have felt when you read 8.49. Don’t skip to the end thinking ‘I know this one’ but see their middle place.

All through the bible people hit ‘middle places ‘ of hurt/confusion/anger/fear. We are not the first people to have questions or to feel disappointment. We are to Trust that we are part of a far bigger story being told. The middle place may go on for longer than we’d like, even when through it we may never understand our MiddlePlace but we will see that God is faithful. We can Trust in His unfailing love. He sees the end from the beginning.

So today as I feel nervous & so sick about this day ahead. I know with everything in me that I can trust my father. That I am not standing here alone. And instead of feeling fearful & alone looking at the unknown ahead..I want to be arms outstretched knowing I am standing on firm ground & embracing all that is before us. We know we can Trust because our God is everything He promised His faithfulness is true.


Please pray for us today! I am praying that as you read this your heart is lifted x

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