I have a Lion

I have a son. He is 7months old. His smile feels like a gift. Each time I get one I feel like I have been chosen & his eyes have wanted to bless me by lighting up when he sees me.

I feel like the words of Gods beautiful promises have come alive to me this week. Words I have spoken over women in prison and have believed for them I am seeing in a new way as I watch it in front of me. This is the internet & so I will call my son Lion..don’t worry it’s not his real name but he has a great Roar šŸ™‚

When my baby was in the womb, he was being crafted & carefully designed by the greatest architect*. He was created in the very image of God*..and in our image too. I can see the image of God in Him. He is beautiful beyond measure. Before I had even seen his face I loved him with a deeply powerful love that I cannot describe. He had done nothing to earn it, yet the love was there. I longed for him & felt such an eagerness to hold him..a beautiful friend txt saying ‘this is how Jesus feels about you each day, can’t wait to connect with you‘. This refreshed me & has helped me value moments with my son & allow God to show me how my feelings to my child are Gods to me.

As I watch my lion roll & try to crawl I see that in God we do all things, through Him we can live & breath & have our being. I see the plans God has for him. I feel an excitement in my spirit when I pray for him. An eager expectation as I feel that my maker has given us this child & has so much planned for him. This doesn’t even have an idea of what it could be, it’s not something he can achieve @ Uni or develop through career. It is the Man he will become and the character he will hold.

I feel excited that I get to take part in this mans journey. That I will know this man who Jesus will walk with & teach & encourage. He will bring peace & be a man of wisdom. Above all I pray he loves my Jesus with all his heart & soul.

This is becauseĀ I know Jesus is the one who loves lion the greatest. He has known my lion far before I have & it is only Him that can show my lion the way to go, can keep his foot from slipping* & help him soar on wings like eagles*.

This love I have for lion is a small glimpse of the love God has for us…

The feeling of pride when someone in the park says how lovely he is & asks ‘is he yours’, is a glimpse of the pride and smile of God as he calls us His own.

The joy I receive when my boy cuddles into me & needs my comfort is a glimpse of my Fathers joy when I come close to him & need his shelter.

The gift it feels when his face turns to me & smiles, is a glimpse of the delight in our God when we look to Him above any other.

I loved my boy before I saw his face A glimpse of the vastness of Gods love, grace & mercy as He wholeheartedly loves us long before our hearts choose to receiveĀ that love he has for us.

So I encourage you to turn to him. He rejoices over you & sees you & knows all of you..even the bits you hope nobody knows. He still loves you & always will.

Talk to him.. Turn your face towards him.. You’ll never regret it

baby foot

*1 You created every part of me; you put me together in my mother’s womb. Psalm 139.13
*2 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. Gen1.27
*3 In Him we live & move & have our being. Acts 17.25
*4 He will keep foot from slipping (whole psalm is beautiful prayer) Psalm 121
*5 those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will fly up on wings like eagles; they will run and not be tired; they will walk and not be weary. Isaiah 40.31
*He knows you x Psalm 139

4 thoughts on “I have a Lion

  1. I have a lion too, Hannah. He is going through chemo at the moment, at only 3 months, but we believe that God will heal and restore completely. I have prayed numerous times over him the verse “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. We are so privileged to be entrusted with such treasures, aren’t we?xx

  2. Beautiful! Xx I became a Christian nearly 2 yes now. I a also have 3 girls. Youngest only 5 mths! This is so true and encouraging. Thankyou!

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  4. Beautiful… just came across this via Captiated. Love that you’ve called him Lion on here and for a minute I hoped it was his real name! I very nearly called my little boy Lion – for real! His is Elijah Leo instead – which is perfect for him…but now he is older I do sometimes with I had as he could have totally carried it off! Hannah I hope your little Lion is doing ok… my heart goes out to you and will pray that verse too over your precious little boy.

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