GOOD Friday – Thankfully the middle

I cannot imagine the emotions that went on that day.

When people who had loved him now turned and hated him, to the point of death. Where people who had sung his praises now shouted abuse and all kinds of lies spilled out.

Where the ones he had loved,healed, walked with, befriended were nowhere to be seen, hiding in the shadows, even denying all knowledge of him.

The physical pain of torture, of whippings, beatings, carrying the weight of a cross feeling unable to carry on..yet kept going.

Then death, slow, painful beyond words terror of nails through body as it hung on a tree…for me.

The very real and overwhelming pains on sin laid upon a man who himself had never sinned. All that I have felt during my lifetime that has felt overwhelming due to mistakes and poor decisions I have made. The times I have felt at my worst as I am trapped in sin, He took that and felt it and wore it for me. So that I no longer have to stand in that place of fear and shame.

When the Father had to turn away and His final breaths where slow, He uttered the words of LIFE before He entered death


He spoke this over every evil, every lie and plan of the enemy. Where the darkness thought it had managed to destroy and turn out the light, it was to be blasted with a brightness so blinding! The true Power and Majesty of my Jesus who cannot be defeated, not even by death. Those who had loved him now mourned and I am sure were disillusioned, questioning everything they’d ever known. Yet this is just the middle of the story…Sunday’s coming! As 3days later He RAISED FROM THE GRAVE, the tomb was empty. He revealed himself to hundreds, even the ones who refused to be told He was alive. He showed the scars they had seen kill him and GRACE was released.

IMG_0633.JPG This is the man my heart loves more than any other. The one who gave everything for me. How could I not love Him. Not only did He do this for me, and for you, before our time on earth. He also is beautifully available today. Right now.

This weekend I was reminded of this again as I sat on a beach in devon looking at the vast expanse of sea and felt Jesus kindly whisper How Wide, How Long, How High and How Deep is my love for you, greater than the ocean. pretty love
I then went to a church on the Sunday where nobody knew me and yet the man before it ended said he felt to share How Wide, How Long, How High and How Deep is Gods love for us. I felt it was just for me (though I know of course it was for each of us in the room). It felt like a little wink from Jesus so I went and asked a lady to pray for me as I was on my own so no baby on my hip trying to keep quiet! As she prayed I saw a picture of God stood just laughing over me, not laughing at me, but pouring joy and love in His laughter over me. The lady praying started really crying as she said she just felt overwhelmed by Gods love over me. I felt it too but there was strength in it, it was a powerful love.

The kind of love that can DO things. That can impact and change lives, that can see ashes transformed into beauty, that can see the sick healed and the lame walk and those trapped in darkness to be enveloped in the greatest light.

That is the Jesus I believe in. The one who concurred death and is very present today. Completing His plan to have as many of His children turn back to Him before the final day. The final day where all tears are wiped away and there is no more evil or sadness or pain. Where Love truly conquers all. So let’s remember today the price He paid, with a Hope that this was not the end, it was just the middle…

Monologue of The Middle:

Song Forever by Bethel:


3 thoughts on “GOOD Friday – Thankfully the middle

  1. Beautiful! Thank you so much Hannah Bettany. Indeed he loves his children immensely. May he bless you and your family forever!

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