If today’s not such a ‘Happy’ Easter..

Today is not called ‘Happy Easter’ it is called ‘Easter’, the ‘Happy’ bit is just a greeting..wishing people to be happy today. 

I have seen a lovely friend write to please not be wished Happy Easter as 9months ago she lost her precious baby, he so sadly died after bravely battling cancer. He is now in the loving arms of Jesus and of course the family are on a journey. I’m sure this is a pain we cannot imagine. 

I then saw, good old Facebook, people adding that she should try to be happy today. People actually write ‘Happy Easter’, when she had simply asked not to! Mainly saying today she needs to be happy, despite the 9month anniversary of the worst day in her life, because it is Easter.

Easter I believe is the day that we as Christians have decided on, the date changes each year, to remember the resurrection of Jesus. We all know it’s not really about chocolate and yes everything inside me wants to praise Him because that’s where I am at today. 

I do not think we all have the same capacity to do that today. So let’s look at it more. When I was in the shower after reading these comments on Facebook to my friend I thought about what happened around Easter.

I was going to write a long old thing but really the bottom line that I felt God saying to me was, 

I sent the comforter

“And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may be with you for ever,”Johm 14.16

That’s also what we are to remember today. When Jesus left us and went back in all glory to be at the right hand side of his father. He left the comforter. 

He knew we would need one to comfort us, there are different translations as I think the Holy Spirit is too much to decribe in a word (advocate,healer,counsellor) but how much do each of those words describe what we all need today. What my wonderful friend needs today. 

He is risen-in order to stand with her today. To be an advocate and speak to the father on her behalf when she has no words, to be a healer over her hurts and pains and torments, to be a counsellor and bring wisdom into the things she’s seen and traumas she’s endured. 

He is risen and thankfully I can be happy this Easter. For those to whom that is beyond them, yes they are grateful and they love Jesus for all He has done. But I’m pretty sure he’s big enough to understand & they don’t have to pretend today. On the day we have designed to celebrate. He is alive and will care for those who are broken today, just as He has done since the beginning of time. For He is good and His love endures forever. 


So I pray that if you relate to this today. If a day where we feel forced to wear a smile otherwise we don’t look like ‘good Christians’ feels too much. Then please know that your Jesus knows your heart. He loves you completely just as you are. Today is no different from yesterday. I pray you know the one that He sent to be with us. Your advocate, healer, counsellor..you are not alone you are deeply loved. Today and always, that’s what today’s about xx

I pray you feel peace as you listen to this song and continue to be healed and find His joy.. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=03YWAhBzjYQ

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