There is no reason for me to love my son He’s done nothing for me I do it all- Change nappies, feed & clothe him. I cook and clean and do Yet something stirs within me.. Despite it looking all one way I provide, I care, I protect There is this feeling, a deep unchanging […]

I can’t see…

I am continually surprised by life’s often feels like one hurdle to jump over then another comes up so fast! Some people call these stages and trials in life ‘seasons’, yet in England our seasons are not so clear cut as Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter! We can have all four seasons in one day. Today on one […]

We all need a table!

Growing up I lived in 6 different houses & so moved schools all around the country and had to get good at making friends! Then since moving to Manchester at 18yrs I have lived in another 4 houses and now am very happily settled in my house with my husband and baby boy! I am […]