Through the struggle..

Though we struggle and fall and hurt and fail and try again and mess it up and cry and try again and see and risk and hurt and push through and cry for help and try again…

We don’t go through it alone. There is one right next to us, capturing it all, never allowing too much. Willing us on, encouraging, strengthening, caring, longing to do it all for us but knowing how much we’ll grow & feel proud if we do it ourselves..

Trusting that with our eyes fixed on Him, the author and perfecter, His everlasting love will stay with us, His promises to never leave us or forsake us being true. Light is coming, Hope is coming, Joy is coming in the morning. We’ll conquer the things that feel too big, hard, complicated, difficult or wobbly! With Him we are more than conquerors, victory is ours, the battle is won..


Know that God is healing & restoring.


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