‘The Middle’ Monologue (..grab a pillow)

God has spoken to me through many storms in life. While I was in a lot of pain, four months after marriage, my new husband having to dress me and do everything for me. God showed me His Kindness as I have shared in blogposts before. He gave me this nugget of Gold.
I am so thankful that as I find myself again feeling a bit blown around, sometimes struggling and feeling in stormy weather. God has used this nugget to bless me again. I love to see it touch others too as God has given so much truth in it. Please watch & I’ll explain more after…
The Middle

This time I felt God saying that Jesus could sleep in the boat, because He is peace. He is the prince of peace who has no fear, He didn’t fear death. How much more amazing would it have been if the fishermen had Trusted Jesus. If despite the storm they truly trusted that God Almighty was in their boat- so grabbed a pillow & rested too! I feel God saying to me that by Trusting in Him, though I’m not yet at the other side, I still feel in a storm, I can have peace. If I choose to Trust Him, grab a pillow and rest with peace.

If you have enjoyed my monologue, i’d love to hear from you. I also perform this one and others like it. If you have a group or event you’d like a monologue/speaker for. Please comment below or email me ❤️ Hannah.bettany@googlemail.com

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