Atmosphere changer..

I was in a mood with my Mum. I can’t remember why (clearly not important) and we hadn’t chatted it out yet. So at dinner, with my husband,  Dad and grandparents all sat round-there was an atmosphere. I’ve always been told I’m an atmosphere changer. When I’m happy-you’ll know about it, sadly it really works the other way too, when I’m not happy- you can feel it! I can’t hide it too well and until I’ve dealt with it, the atmosphere changes. We all know people like this-if you don’t then it’s probably you! We are on holiday and so we had time to have a little chat to sort out whatever little thing it was, as soon as it was done I returned to the table and apologised, the end of the dinner was SO much better than the start..a totally different atmosphere! 

We went to Soller, Mallorca today. It was so lush to get a little time out to sit peacefully in this awesome cathedral with my husband.

Others were walking around looking at the statues or sneaking photos (like this one) enjoying the architecture. Yet I felt the weight of how so many sadly missed the point of this awesome building. It is there to show the glory of God. I’m not a Catholic and I don’t really know about it but I’m sure that in years gone by these buildings were constructed so that people would stop and say ‘Wow’. I know there’s arguments about how much money and why but forgetting all the guff, you really do stop and say ‘Wow’. It shows a glimpse of the grandure, beauty and enormity of God. Even more ‘wow’ is what is represented in them. The stories depicted in the art, the life of Jesus, the cross-the ultimate sacrifice and His resurrection. 

We did what nobody else was doing in this place of worship. This place that felt so huge and overwhelming. We sat down, because this is my Dads house-and we started to talk to Him. We began quietly but aloud, to pray together. 

Pray for those we love, for breakthrough, for the future, for our world, for family & friends who need healing or miracles or just more of Him. We prayed for the atmosphere in this building of ‘religion’ to change to one of ‘loving relationship’. That people would meet with Jesus and feel Him in this place.

You know what? The atmosphere changed. As we invited love in, we witnessed many others start to sit and pray when before they’d only been stood around looking..this is the first answered prayer..& I know the breakthroughs are coming next.

This is what I love. That He always comes. We don’t have to twist His arm, He isn’t a God who wants to stay distant or tease us. He is a loving father who welcomes us and is so glad we want to be with Him. He is in me and my husband, He is with us all the time yet sometimes, like in this moment today, when we personally invite Him-something powerful happens. The atmosphere changes. I felt like crying. 

The song I’m loving at the minute is Bethel’s ‘Thank You‘. I only heard it a couple days ago but it resonates so strongly with how I’m feeling at the minute. 

“You don’t have to come, but you always do. 

You show up in splendour and change the whole room”

I’m so grateful for the times He has shown up in splendour and changed the whole room. Times He’s poured out peace when I was overwhelmed with anxiety. Times He’s shown up with kindness when I’ve felt despair. Times He’s come and surrounded me when I needed to know I wasn’t alone. Times He’s brought wisdom that shatters confusion. Times He’s said just what I needed just at the time I needed. He really is all knowing and so much more awesome than I could ever have words for.

I want to use my ‘atmosphere changing’ to be like Him. I’ve seen it happen, I have experienced rooms change, people’s actions or responses shift because I am there and I carry Him. I want to be more like Him. 

He didn’t have to come. He wanted  to. 

One thought on “Atmosphere changer..

  1. Inspiring writing Hannah and a challenge to us to also be aware of how important being an “atmosphere changer” is!!
    It should never be about us but about HIM.
    Bless you xx

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