Lost & Found 

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the night I feel to turn off the tv, get off the sofa, get over myself, give my moping-illness-sadness-self-indulgence to my Jesus. Instead to turn on a podcast, eat the word of God, physically clean up my house & internally clean up my act.. 

I find my bible ❤️

I find my wedding & engagement rings ❤️

I find my hope, joy, strength..

 I lost my rings but I was still married, the covenant is eternal, yet it’s so good to have them back on my finger. 

I lost my bible yet I still knew the word & loved the author. It is still sooo good to find it. (I can only find my way around in that bible I’m terrible with any other!)

I lost my way in myself-feelings (I don’t know why I trust them when they never take me the right way!) and getting my head into ‘reality’ tv and getting further away from the reality of the purpose my life has. Getting lost in being in pain & feeling alone.
How precious it is to find that which was lost. I love that Jesus always comes to find us when we wander off. The point isn’t that things were lost but that now they are found. 

My things were lost because I was careless with them & my  mess got on top of them..but one night of tidying and they are found. My heart was low and lost because I’ve been careless in my thinking, watching, feeling & mess got on top of me..one night of switching off the rubbish, seeking out Jesus and letting him tidy me up and I feel back aligned. 

I am found. There is nothing better. 

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