Choose to play..

Watching super nanny type show tonight ‘3day nanny’ and enjoyed seeing a lady help a family who were struggling. Obviously also trying to gleam some tips for my Lion who will be two in two weeks (whaaat!?) and I, like most honest parents, am guessing my way through! 

Something she said in the show hit me & I just loved it so much I wanted to write it down as it resonated with me. To be honest I went a step further & rubbishly stuck the words on a photo of my husband last night playing in the park in the rain with my nephew & son.. 

I like this! I think it touched me because I have found so much healing in playing. 

The picture above is of my 3 best friends. In this picture this is not a swing it’s the pirateship being blown about in a storm. Usually we are pirates & my crew are my nephews & my son, I play with them most days (One not pictured is a gorgeous baby nephew who is growing into a brave shipmate). 

❤️ I love to jump into imaginary worlds of pirates & finding fairies.

❤️ I loved today, walking round the Trafford centre, only allowed to stand on the brown bits of floor..bumping into buisness-men but explaining I can’t stand on the brown cz I am with a ninja turtle..& seeing them laugh. 

❤️ I love that when we are together, each time I make food I become a French chef who is creating a masterpiece-or a dirty troll who is making bones & bugs for us to crunch in our cave. 

❤️ I love to go on treasure hunts that turn into whole wonders of fun daring adventures. Finding treasures of precious leaves & magic sticks & fighting the baddies (or goodies depending whose side we are on)
❤️ I love having picnics inside with the tipi, as Indians who can only speak in our made up language. 

❤️ I love being a superhero & the only way I can charge up when I get low energy is to have a super tight squeeze of a hug.

❤️ I love to be a bear asleep or a one eyed monster who needs beauty sleep until someone dares wake him & needs tickles!

Tomorrow one of my shipmates, the one who started me off on these adventures & has brought me so much freedom and healing in my soul from just having FUN. The one who would be here when I’d leave work in prison and love coming home to wiggle and run and dance and be crazy silly. The one who taught me to slow down and believed my stories and has been my best friend… He has his first day at school tomorrow.

How unfair. 

Yet I know he will thrive & bring joy to countless others & share his passion and sense of fun. As he grows he will keep this beautiful love inside him, even if the imagination games and belief in my worlds fade, he will still be a healer. I know I selfishly want him to never grow up and fear anyone/thing robbing the innocent love of play from him.

Yet I know I have a lot of time, we will have all our fun after school! Plus I have two other little shipmates to bring up through the ranks & many more to follow I’m sure. 

This one is truly special though, I love him with all my heart and am truly thankful for how God has used him in my life over the past four years. What a blessing.

I pray for each child growing up in our world today, that they will grow with their imaginations stretched. That our impossible will be their possible & our ceiling be their floors. That they will know that even if some things fade..there is a Love that never fails & His name is Jesus. So long as my boys know this truth they shall never want for anything & can maintain joy in all circumstances. I pray as adults & parents we can know this too & that we will CHOOSE TO PLAY more ❤️


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