“Imagine if we’d not listened to God..we wouldn’t have our son. Yet can’t imagine life without him”

The words of my husband just before he fell asleep. For me a statement like that sends my brain far too wild to then be able to sleep!

Yes, gosh imagine if we had said no or ignored Him! How much we would have missed out on! His cheeky smile, His soft care and cuddles, His presence that makes each day more fun and loving. His life could have been very different, but so could mine! I’ve never thought before of the idea that actually yes, we could have missed this one! Destiny is changed because we listened and obeyed, and it is us who is blessed by it!

I’m sure there’s many times, even daily, that I just miss what God is asking of me. When I walk passed someone He’d have liked me to stop and talk to, when I hold onto money that he’d have liked me to be generous with, when I say something quickly & without wisdom or even engaging my brain let alone His heart!

Yet how blessed have I been every single time I have said yes. When I have stopped & had the inconvenient chat that has meant someone’s day has completely changed for the better. When I have given & seen God pay us back & His faithfulness in generosity. When I have waited, even a few seconds to ask what Jesus would prefer me to say, how I should speak & been in awe at my own words because the wisdom is so clearly from above.

Imagine if I made a conscious effort to listen, to be waiting expectantly. How much fuller would my life be, how much more content would I be with today & all it holds. How much could I change eternity..just by saying Yes. Just by not missing it..imagine..


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