MY BOOK – powerful and very real dream I had last night. (What’s in your book?)

Such a Godly Dream. He remembers our Prayers,Thanks and Fun. He is the bringer of joy..laugh with him today🎈

Anthony Delaney


The dream started just after I heard (our lodger) Darren’s alarm clock go off at 6am upstairs, and lasted until he put the shower on which woke me up again, so it could only have been a matter of minutes – but it seemed a very long, powerful and real dream. As I write it now I have to hold back tears and when I told it to Zoe I couldn’t stop crying, I know I’m soppy! 

It follows my preparation yesterday for this coming Sunday’s talk when I had the idea drop into my spirit  that when Jesus called Matthew in Luke 5 he traded in his TO DO list for the TO BE list that Jesus had for him. 

It’s interesting too that the very first thing Matthew did after saying yes to the invitation to follow Jesus was throw a party, something religious people didn’t understand at…

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