I feel sick..

This morning I was outraged by the actions of an older lady on Great British Bake off as I caught up on the reports of sabotage. She took his icecream out of the fridge and my bearded Irish contestant was voted off. How unfair! So I was pleased to see this older lady has left the show. My world is calm again.

I walked to Tesco and worried the heavens might open as I had no cover on the pram & no hood on my coat. Thankfully it was only a light drizzle. My world is calm again.

My baby took an hour to get to sleep, he wouldn’t settle & it meant my dinner was dry. Eventually he did sleep & I ate. My world is calm again.

Then I get a distressed txt from my mum;
Oh Hannah I’ve just seen such a horrid thing on the news. A dad who left his disabled 4yr old son at the side of the road because they couldn’t carry him anymore. Dear God. What a terrible decision that poor father had to make. It shouldn’t happen.
It’s not just news it’s horrific, heart breaking, how can we just move on to the next news article roal Dahl books!!!!!! What the heck??
The son was found by a relief agency and helped. But he was too dehydrated, his corneas burnt by the sun and he died before they could reunit him to his daddy. This is just one story. I’m finding it overwhelming.

What is happening? Due to panic & dyslexia on first read I thought mum had watched a man leave his son on the road, I felt a rush of fear & wanted to go & help this boy. Then I realised it was the news. I feel sick. For this family, and countless more, there is a nightmare continuing. Their world is not going to click back calm again.

What must have been happening for that daddy to have to make that choice. Was he carrying his other children..was the fear over-riding him..whatever it was it must have been unbearable.

I want to not think about this. To watch something funny on my Facebook and ignore it. To have the click & my world be calm again. But no, how wrong that is.

We must do something. I believe in a God of the impossible & I believe He is good. Even in the things I may never understand. I will write to my MP & continue to give to charities helping. Any other suggestions people have I’d love to know. Then I have to pray. I have to call on my God to please bring an end to this. To convict the hearts of our leaders, how can they sleep? God of all wisdom please show them what to do to bring peace.

Starting to feel overwhelmed the song on my YouTube was this one.

God I look to you. I won’t be overwhelmed. Give us wisdom & vision. You know just what to do.

I will have to continue living my life. But I will not allow my world to just be calm again. I will pray & really pray. I want to be broken for this, if it was on my street or my mum saw it, I wouldn’t just ignore it. So how can I now?

Please join me in prayer & petition. Let’s not just turn over.


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