Empty Words

There must be an answer for when the days are hard
When pain is great or troubles seem large
For the awful things that come in to surprise or just to steal to kill and to destroy
I want an answer, we all like a quick fix
I know the ‘christian answer’ and the ‘right thing to say’

Though sometimes it feels like empty words
Words that are empty
Speech that means nothing

When people give advice and they think they’re being nice
When they tell you they’ve been there like they’re sat in your shoes
Or tell you of someone in a worse state..just to drop on a dollop of guilt

The words can seem empty
Speech that means nothing
Pretty words that we’ve heard many times from many mouths
yet it fails to stir me or touch me, to wake me

But there really is one
One who can speak and it reaches me
Whatever He says, I can take it
I can only take it from Him!
When He speaks it’s filled with power and authority, yet spoken with kindness and peace

He may not tell me answers
So much still I don’t understand
But I know that he is for me
He sees the beginning from the end
The words people have told me are true
Maybe they learned it before me
They had to struggle with the emptiness before they found the truth
Hard to understand it till He reveals

See I can Know ‘He is good’
But I only understand when he gives me friends at the time I need them here.
I can Know ‘He is kind ‘
But only understand when I feel the gentleness of how he holds my sister in her time of great pain.
I can Know ‘He is in control’
Though I don’t see what he’s working out I see the fruit of many stories already told where he shows the details of his power so astoundingly I have to Trust!

So when I speak it might seem like empty words
but for me-now they have meaning and power and truth
I don’t want to just speak answers I think to be right or clever, I’m sorry for times I have.
I want to share when I can but I’m certainly not afraid to say I don’t know

I don’t have answers to all the hard days, the pain and the confusion
I do have a God I can look to & ask & Trust Him to take hold of things I can’t hold myself

I know He is good cz I see it all around
I can pray for an end to the pain
(& just sit with you while your in it)
Knowing there’s hope & trusting for the day we can see it all
The beginning to end


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