Nuggets of goodness..

I had written a long Blogpost with lots of explanation of the things God has been saying to me. This is where my blog started with ‘nuggets of goodness’ I felt God saying. I think it might be best I just jot them and ask Holy Spirit to confirm any you need to hear today.

Be Joyful in Hope

After some disappointments with people I have worked with, where I have seen beautiful potential and then it has been robbed. I found it hard to not be cynical about a new girl out of prison who now is excited in her faith and a massive Jesus-lover! When my head started to go into the negative of ‘what else could happen/how long will it last’..God simply gave me permission to
‘Be Joyful in Hope’ Romans 12.12

We need not be fearful/doubtful/cynical in the things we hope for..we are given permission to be Joyful in Hope!

You work for Him

God has had to say this to me quite a few times over the years. When I hear it I feel such relief. It’s not about me, peoples lives and decision etc does not rest with me. Sometimes I really want to change the world today..yet I am instructed to do as the Father says and trust Him to do the rest. I just work for him, He has the ultimate say, the is above me, He knows the bigger picture and will use my willing heart. I just need to hold things lightly and truly Trust.

Your attitude matters..even in the storm

This has been a hard one! It’s one I know so clearly God is pressing on me and yet I know you probably wouldn’t see it each day! I feel like God isn’t ok with me being horrible, even if I’m in a storm. Part of the testimony of my life to others is how I am when I’m being tested, not the nice story I have when I’m on dry land again. To be full of forgiveness, covered in Grace and to watch my tongue! These are so vital and will test how much Jesus is in me! Even as I write I am challenged again and know I need to work harder..

Rejoice with those who rejoice..even if it’s not your day.

The bible teaches us to mourn with those who mourn. Which can personally be fairly easy, it’s is awful to see people hurting and grieving, even people being mistreated and joining in feeling how wronged they were. I can mourn with those who mourn. That however is not the all of the verse. In Romans 12.15 we are also commanded to Rejoice with those who rejoice.
…even if it’s not your day x

The Lord has promised good

🎶The Lord has promised Good to me
His word my Hope secures
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures🎶

This sings in my head when I feel fearful, confused, disappointed..This is where my joyful hope lies. He is my shield and portion, he secures my hope because He has promised Good to me..and you.


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