Five Years in prison taught me…

1. Respect Freedom This probably seems like the most obvious one. It would be easier to say enjoy or value your freedom, remember each day how amazing it is that we have freedom.  But it’s quite unrealistic in our day to day lives to be genuinely aware of our freedom-especially if we have never been […]

God speaks..even to prisoners

Monday night in prison we spoke about the different ways God speaks. No matter who you are or what you’ve done. Jesus will speak. Even to prisoners. Ultimately I can ‘teach’ but with this- it’s best just to taste and see he is good! He spoke to them through the bible, different verses that they chose from […]

The only man you hear only Good about…

At the start of the year for our Sunday Service I brought in Laura. An amazing woman who shared her own story with the women. A story of her 17yr long heroin addiction, hurts and pains that sent her life on a spiral downwards-until she met the man who changed it all! The beautiful man […]


I have a nephew, when he was born my Dad decided he was too young to be a ‘granddad’ so somehow the name ‘Poppa D’ appeared. And it has stuck! So Kohl (who is 2yrs & gorgeous) calls him Poppa. Kohl loves our family but when Poppa walks in the room it is something different! […]

Sunday Service ‘Trust’

To say that today’s service in prison was good, or ‘yes it went well thanks’, feels like it gives God none of the true glory he deserves for what happened today in prison! I am not sure that writing a blog post is giving him full glory either, but at least I have the space […]

Elijah Rest

‘Depression’ seems to be a word thrown around these days and has such bad connotations. It makes me think of someone trapped in their room unable to come out without poppin pills. Recently however I feel I have found a secret underground world of people who are struggling with depression. People I would never have […]