God speaks..even to prisoners

Monday night in prison we spoke about the different ways God speaks. No matter who you are or what you’ve done. Jesus will speak. Even to prisoners. Ultimately I can ‘teach’ but with this- it’s best just to taste and see he is good!

He spoke to them through the bible, different verses that they chose from ones I laid out upside down.

He spoke through a song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvIKgh5TEcE Bethel ‘Come to Me’

He spoke through quiet time, just writing what he said to them & asking Him to say something;ImageWe need not look your already there / Never left when I closed the door / Waited in the cold whilst I wanted you, needed you / Wiped my tears when I wept with despair / Held my hand when I was lost in myself / Never left me, always there / The smile on a child’s face, the complete happiness of 60yrs love in there eyes / The miracle of a trillion snowflakes, like us, all unique / Just needed to open the door and let you in.

Written by the lady who the other week cried at the fact she had turned her back on him and prayed her own beautiful prayer asking back. Blog post; https://hannahbettany.com/2014/01/21/the-only-man-you-hear-only-good-about/

He spoke through each other; each woman drew around her hand and we wrote on each the encouragements they felt God had for each other (without knowing whose hand it was). This always gets a ‘roll of the eyes’ as why would God speak to us this way !? Yet every time I am amazed along with the women at how VERY spot on the words are. For a group of women who have only known each other a few Monday eves..gotta be God! In His Kindness they even had words on mine, through these women who are very new to faith. God spoke so directly to my personal situation I almost cried and had to genuinely thank them & explain how God had used them!

Each of them were really touched and had their own personal story at the end of how they had felt encouraged by the session and had a new peace that Jesus cares and is with them. I think we all need to be looking for His voice. Trusting that He loves us and so wants to be speaking with us. Then it leads to such JOY and THANKFULNESS that He is there! He is a very personal God and I hope you hear from Him today. Then get excited and TELL SOMEONE YOUR STORY!!!!


Please watch this and see what childish faith looks like and ask Jesus for some JOY today…He is good, even when we don’t feel it.

Know the depth of His goodness today

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