Expectant for tomorrow.. #40DaysCreative

Today’s creative was play play playing with my little Lion all day. He didn’t nap so I didn’t get time to do anything..but who cares. This day is important. Tomorrow is a big day. God had been building…

He has held every piece, known every bit and where to place it. He has designed a masterpiece and I get to play and cuddle and love on the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in all creation..

I am so thankful & honestly so acutely aware of how wonderful this gift is. If I think about it too much I could burst into tears as my heart is so full. Tomorrow is a big day..a day I’ve been waiting for it seems forever! A time of celebration is coming soon. Beauty from Ashes.. Mourning to Dancing.. God is good. In every season, sometimes we see it and feel it & other times we just hold it as a truth we believe and know – even if it’s not what we see or understand.

I am thankful today. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hopeful for the future. Trusting the perfect creator.


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