Rain from Heaven #40DaysCreatov

Today’s #40DaysCreative looks like a child did it! A very small child! I enjoyed doing it though & so I’m not too embarrassed to share what I did in the peace of nap time.

Today in church it was raining hard outside, even slushy snow amongst what sounded like a strong storm! Then inside, Lynn Swart, a gifted speaker and bold woman of God, was sharing.

The reading was Psalm 23. I felt God reminded me of how back in the culture of the time, when someone came to your house you would fill their cup. Then when they outstayed their welcome you would stop filling it! This psalm says ‘My cup overflows’-in Gods house we are continually welcome. Our cup overflows and will never run dry. We are welcome to be with Jesus all the time…He then revealed it so clearly.

Lynn started to share prophetic words over people that she didn’t know at all..then sang a beautiful song over us all 🎶 it felt straight from the heart of God. I’ve not experienced feeling in Gods presence like that for a very very long time. A beautiful confirmation that we are in the right place! Thankful for Gods word of ‘rest’ over us as I cried!

It felt like there was a rain storm of His presence poured out. People talk about an ‘open heaven’. So that’s what I was thinking as I painted. The painting itself is nothing special, but the power it represents for me is huge. It was a reminder today of how deeply He knows us..each of us. Healing can come, if we are open, when He is pouring the goodness and love of heaven over us. Surely Goodness & Love will follow me, all the days of my life..what a promise..through all seasons..we are followed by his constant goodness & Love x


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