Why believe ? Crazy Christians..

I have just been at a Baptism service where three churches came together to watch 9 men,women & children of all ages get in a pool as they ‘decide to give their life to Jesus ‘.

For me, this is the most special and beautiful thing to see, I’ve had the honour of seeing baptisms since I was a baby. Yet each time my eyes fill with tears & feel I could burst into an ugly cry because of a new life being…dunked in some water!?

Today I watched it & tried to imagine it was my first time. I saw different people crowding around a large tank as people are dunked under after confessing to follow Jesus forever.

They looked crazy.. Everyone involved looked like they really enjoyed it-but it seemed a crazy thing to do! In fact this whole thing is crazy! Then the preacher spoke about why we know Jesus is alive. The reasons were all things I believe but as I heard the reasons ‘for the first time’ I couldn’t really relate
*The Tomb was empty
*Lots of people saw him
(Please don’t get me wrong it was a good preach but I was trying to hear it all as if I knew nothing & it made me think)

So why do I believe this?! What is the reason I should be dunked and really do I say that I am a christian?!

It has to come back to the man my heart first and deeply loves. I know a man who is living close to me,

*He talks to me. Through things I see,hear, watch.. Any way he can he talks to me. Mainly I just feel it in my chest . I know it ‘in my knower’..I guess that’s the faith part! Often it sounds like me- but the wisdom is far beyond my own understanding so I know it’s Him!

*He guides me when I feel lost, by genuinely making miracles appear or every door close and only the right one opens ! Through dreams he has guided me into things I would have been scared to do and now can see his hand and am so thankful for His guidance down beautiful roads!

*He knows me so personally and shows me in the most detailed and special ways. Even by trivial things like leaving me a space when I need one or asking someone to bring us food round when they didn’t even know we needed it!

*He strengthens me and gives me the courage to know I’m not alone. I have met and spoken with people and been in situations I could never do alone. Yet with His gentle hand on me and fierce protection covering me I have overcome so much-and been amazed by the things I have seen Him do !

There is so much more, but I guess my answer is why do I believe this. Is that I know it so deeply, I have a true relationship with the living God. It is true- the tomb was empty, He defeated death and took on every wrong I have ever done. I can never thank Him enough – but I don’t need to. It was a free, undeserved gift – it is called Grace.

The reason it makes me teary and my heart beat faster when I see these people dunked in water. The reason people crowd around, is because they are not crazy-they know the Truth. We know they are turning away from the pain and emptiness of life and coming to a new understanding of the richness in knowing my Jesus.

The man I love I can’t keep to myself. I love to share him! I hope you know Him. I hope you know that it isn’t just about a tomb many years ago it is about a relationship today. That you are never alone . You have been designed and created, destined for so much more than the world has to offer.

If you would like to know Him deeper just talk to Him. Praying is chatting to God and he promises to always HEAR you. Your welcome to please get in touch with me too if you like .

I pray you find peace and get to know the love of this Man , this God, this wonderful saviour.. Yes I Love Him ! Maybe I should get baptised!?


3 thoughts on “Why believe ? Crazy Christians..

  1. So ,so beautiful it made me weep ,my biggest ask from this man since I came to know him has always been that my children and Grandchildren would know him too .What a faithful God he is ,and now my prayer is that my Great grandchildren will know him too.I know I can trust them to him and that they will know him and walk with him and talk with him and that one day they too will want to be Baptized.xx

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  3. Wow. Your post made the hair on my neck stand. I made a commitment to follow Jesus 25 years ago. Since then I’ve heard Jesus’ story countless times. But tonight, it hit me really hard again. The parts where you wrote: “I hope you know it isn’t about a tomb many years ago, it’s about a relationship today.” And “you have been designed…for so much more than the world has to offer” had me shutting my eyes for a moment and taking it all in – this extravagant salvation. Thanks for your post, Hannah.

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