Light SHINES in the Darkness

Who is this man Jesus? This is the question we have been asking over the past couple weeks in my group in women’s prison. We started last night to read John together. Each woman was given a beautiful card and that will be their notebook to write in all they learn and see about who this man, Jesus, is.

We read John chapter one and stopped at different points to see what it told us about who Jesus is. Just from one chapter, in one book of the bible we saw so much of who Jesus is! We spoke about each of these and the women found comfort in them as we acknowledged that Jesus was these things but IS these things TODAY;

Jesus brings Grace & Truth (John 1.7)

Jesus is God’s son (John 1.14)

Jesus is Teacher (John 1.38)

Jesus shows us Good can come from anywhere, even unexpected places (John 1.46)

Jesus sees us, really SEES us (John 1.48)

Jesus is Messiah (John 1.40)

Jesus is the Light…and darkness can never put it out!

So many of us feel we are in situations of darkness. Where we are surrounded or in fear or loneliness or depression or negative emotions or situations crowd us. Many of these women feel that they are literally in darkness by being in prison. It was so beautiful to share with them what Nathaniel says when told about ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ in John 1.46 ‘Nazareth?! Can anything good could come from Nazareth!?’ As so many of them have had words like this spoken over them ‘Can anything good come from a women from Prison?’ Or even from their community, their background, their family.

light shines in darkenss

THE LIGHT came to Nazareth and within a few lines the same man who had been mocking Jesus was completely turned around and proclaimed ‘You are the son of God’. Why? He found out that Jesus knew him, Jesus knew him deeper than anyone else ever could, Jesus SAW him.

This is the same today. Whatever dark situations we are walking into, or feel surrounded by and think ‘what good can come from this’. God can bring good out of all things, because the light is brighter and bigger and far more beautifully powerful than ANY darkness – and the darkness has never and can never put it out!

Each woman took something from the list of who Jesus is and are choosing to believe it this week, we are going to pray for more understanding of this word and to trust that this is our Jesus. Most of them they chose ‘Grace and Truth’, praying that truth will come out and His Grace will cover them. I chose the light-because I need His light to always surround me and to trust that no matter what-Darkness can never put it out! Thank you Jesus!

What will you choose to believe from the above list to Trust Jesus is this week?

Song of the week/month for me; Oceans, Hillsong.

(answering Qs from previous week and blog

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