It doesn’t count if…

God has a very good sense on humour. Anyone who disagrees..doesn’t know Him like I do! I have been having some time on my own..because my back hurts and I am feeling sorry for myself while my husband is out. So decided that rather than just sitting getting sad..I will spend some time with God (after Xfactor)…

I wanted to start by listening to Matt Redman ‘Never Once’. A song that has carried me through the last 5-6months of pain. I have slipped disks in my back and it has not been fun! This song speaks of God being faithful..we never walk alone. Something I have found to be true during this time..and forever before. But that’s another blog!

This one is about Gods humour. During my time off I have been thinking that once I am 100% well again my life is going to radically change. I will suddenly be energetic, I will LOVE exercise and hate anything with calories, I will be nicer to people (because I won’t be as easily irritable), I will be more proactive around the house and definitely a better wife & friend. However as I have slowly made little steps at getting better I think that there is more than my current illness’ holding me back from all these things. It is not going to happen overnight. I do not wish to think on this now however..I just want to listen to a nice Christian song and feel happy..

The advert on youtube before this song was this..

Please watch it before continuing. Hmmm..yes I can relate to this video! It sounds like a few of my little chats with God where I say that it doesn’t count right now because I am in pain. When really it does matters. The small choices that we make do all have an impact on us. We are all sowing our own lives but we are also effecting the lives of all those around us.

If I have a ‘it doesn’t count if’ attitude then I am only kidding myself. I need to decide,one little thing at a time, to start being the woman that I believe God would like me to be..right now. It is a horrible challenge because it demands a physical response..not just a nod of your head. For is to do the washing up before my husband gets in (even though it is his turn)…what can you do?..


One thought on “It doesn’t count if…

  1. Oh Han! Now I have read this I’m going to have to do the same!! (not washing up coz lucky for me I read it after Ryan has done it 😉 ) but making changes instead of just nodding…. STOP CHALLENGING ME! x x love ya x

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