Droplets of Goodness

I hope to just use this blog to post thoughts about life, my job and mainly the little droplets of goodness that I learn about Jesus and then forget. I find that I will hear something on the radio & God will really speak to me through it, or I will see something and feel Gods heart & then a few weeks later it has been completely forgotten!

An example to start with of Gods goodness…

I work in womens prison and I see a lot of women who are broken. Where hope seems lost and they feel that this is it for them..they deserve no better than a prison cell. I am able to go in with Hope, with something that they can hold on to and see a future in. Hopelessness leads to death.. I see that emotionally but also literally in the amount of suicides I have encountered in my few years working with people in&out of prison. However where Hopelessness leads to Death..

Jesus came to bring LIFE & life to the full. John 10.10

I see that in one young lady, who started working with me in the life skills courses we ran. Doing art and generally building relationships. She was very angry and held a lot of pain, but through the groups where we spoke about forgiveness and a new start with Jesus. She began to open up. To let go of the past and look to the future. After the time in prison she is coming out next week and will be starting afresh. She will be living in community, attending a church, gaining a family, having a job (hair&beauty), earning a wage, having a mentor, making friends and feeling loved. I am so pleased to be a part of seeing this young lady trust God and start a journey of knowing all he has for her.

He really does bring life..beauty out of ashes..

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