Answers to ‘Fear and Puddles’

This post follows my last as tonight I have been as a women’s night and this happened..

Lucy lead us on a prayer adventure. She said God’s Grace is like a landscape. Imagine a vast beautiful landscape, that is God’s grace. The wonderful thing is that when you are in such a huge space you can’t fall out of it, your in it. Even if you fell your just helped back up and still in this space. Still surrounded by His grace.


She then encouraged us to imagine and meet Jesus there. So I let myself do it, I asked Jesus where he’d like to meet me! I saw a beautiful little clearing surrounded by big beautiful trees full of leaves and a perfectly crafted wooden bench made from tree trunks and branches, the floor around covered in beautiful autumn leaves. So I sat down.

(Nothing like the pic above really but closest I could find) 

Lucy then she said ‘what would you say to him’, I decided immediately that I have no words. I would want to just cosy right up close next to him and hold him, resting my head on him. Nothing to say, just be as close as possible! It was like watching a film I was making.

Then as I sat close up next to my Jesus I saw Him look down. Suddenly I was next to Him, not just watching. He looked down and there was a puddle at our feet. He leaned to look into and saw His reflection. The puddle was like the ones I imagined earlier when I felt like my emotions, the way that I deal with things I feel or flashbacks I remember, are like puddles I choose to delve into and recall it all.

So I leaned forward also, and looked into the puddle. I saw Jesus’ reflection looking back at me. Not my own, not the fear or pain or bad memories. Not the sadness or confusion. But the loving, kind, powerful face of my saviour.

I felt like Jesus was saying I don’t even need to go near these puddles. When I get this sense of sadness or fear. Not to try and find the root. Just instead find the face of Jesus. Find the truth and the words of life and hope that He has. Trust that over every situation, the answer is His face.

For me, as He was saying earlier. He just wants me close, just to sit-up next to Him. He wants my heart, nothing more.

I probably haven’t explained it well but for me it’s been healing revelation. My pray is to be able to look past myself and the things I have seen or been through and be able to Trust it to Jesus and gain the truth and love of Him. You only get warm by being next to the fire, and I want to be right up cuddled close!

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