Goodnight.. #40DaysCreative 

Day7…Today I have..

Dressed, changed, made breakfast, wiped, cuddled, played with, told off, battled tantrums, danced silly, made lunch, split rice everywhere, cleaned up, read Matt14-25 (again) & not processed it, made a pirate ship, bought fairy wings, been a bunny rabbit, watched part of mary poppins, run around, made a roast dinner, tidied up, planned a speaking thing, chatted with a friend, done washing, washed up, dishwashered, bathed 3 children, tidied more, made a curry with left-overs to freeze, organised days ahead, watched tv with my beau… To name a few things. 

I am not complaining. I loved today. I’m not saying my day was any harder than yours. I’m just filling you in on why..for today..this is the best I can creatively do.. 

Get my face involved in this pillow 😴

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