#40DaysCreative Peaceful

Today’s reading was Matthew 26.14-25. God has been speaking to me through it about Betrayal. I have a blogpost in drafts about it but will add to it later as don’t want to rush something so sensitive.

I have loved today. After a week of feeling poorly & plans being changed. I had a gorgeous peaceful day. Seeing friends & chatting & listening to worship & pondering on today’s word & …painting again! This time with my beautiful friend as my teacher helping me with watercolour!

The first one was pretty rubbish..like really bad!

So we laughed & started again. This time I took more care & was more patient, I asked more questions. I loved the encouragement and being in a position of learning.

I feel like that’s the position I’m loving sitting in with God as I’m reading through the Easter story. Jesus is revealing slowly how much He has been through and I’m spending the time. Taking it slow, being patient in listening and thinking on a small bit of scripture. Beautiful.
Time for myself. To grow in God and in learning and creative fun! I’ve been praying for Gods help to rest and I’m finding it..

Ps. I also tried to fix the one I got so wrong first time & though others think it’s a bit crazed..I love it! It feels like if my mind were a tree..this is it! A colourful muddle!


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