Poppy’s Pride 🦁

Just over a year ago I made a WhatsApp group, there are too many in the world, so I very much wanted it for one purpose & for people to not use it for more. I was about to have a baby. I wanted people to just pray when I went into labour and not comment apart from that! Baby’s name then was strawberry, as my boy named her!

These were my requests. I had been a part of a group like this, where a friend had simply written ‘in labour’, we prayed, then the next txt was a photo of baby and how wonderful it had all gone. I highly anticipated the same.

It was different.

*I was not allowed to have her at home, or in a pool.

* I did not care about the faith of the midwife, I just wanted her to help me, they were incredible.

*Daniel was absolutely looked after beautifully but for much longer than I’d have liked and we have had to deal with the consequences of that still now.

*It did not feel safe and it was far from easy.

*Jesus was with me..I still think we smashed it!

A year ago I was having checks in hospital due to pre-eclampsia and asking these friends to pray, I have always hated hospitals and was ready for a home birth. They prayed. I had to stay in hospital,high risk, I was scared and on a list to be induced. They prayed. We had complications and it wasn’t nice. They prayed.

Poppy was born 5th July 11.55pm and beautiful. They celebrated. I was poorly and struggled. They prayed.

I went back into hospital with possible severe problems. They prayed. I came out on antibiotics and thankfully it wasn’t as bad as the Dr had thought. They celebrated.

I went in with a very poorly 3wk old. They prayed. We watched canulars go in her little hands & let her go with a kind Dr for a lumbar puncture. They prayed. We sat on a ward, exhausted, missing our boy, feeling this wasn’t how we’d hoped it would be. They prayed. We came out days later. They celebrated..as did my husband..

We had prayer from a man of God called John Bunjo, He prophesied “This child is not sick”. The next day went back in to hospital, on the orders of our consultant as traces of an infection were found in the fluid taken from her lumbar puncture, we were told not to google it. Some did. They prayed. They really prayed hard for us when I felt utterly empty.

We came out three days later thankful for Poppy’s healing, all was amazingly clear. I still don’t understand this, but I am calling it a miracle, we celebrated. This child was not sick, we did not spend the weeks in hospital they had talked about!

We did have her crying and being sick with reflux for months, literally. The women in this group prayed, made food, bobbed her, helped me in numerous ways. We finally got her on the right formula and found she has milk intolerance, we are under a dietician. She also had a heart murmur which they prayed through and at her last consultant appointment they confirmed there’s no worries about her heart now-the promise again, This Child’s Not Sick. A lot to thank Jesus for and a lot to thank this group, and their husbands, for their prayers.

Prayers were answered. Not always in the way I thought of hope. He wasn’t silent though. Her name is Poppy Aria Zoe, Aria means Lioness and Zoe means LIFE TO THE FULL, Jesus reminded me of that on my hardest day in there by having our nurse be called Zoe and I knew she would live.

This group was family and friends who love us. Many also not on the group loved us and I’m so thankful- yet this little group who happened to be thrown together for one purpose. ‘To say a quick prayer as I went into labour’ turned into a lot more. They have carried me through this year. They’ve been a constant source of prayer and encouragement. As I scroll up the feed it’s not silent, it’s full of bible verses, links to worship, words and prayers and whole heap of ❤️🙏😍😘💛🍓🙌 emojis !

They prayed again when I had a cortisone injection in December due to back problems, and again even a week ago when due to a couple of problems it looked like we couldn’t go on holiday. They have held us.

Having Poppy dedicated felt really significant. I almost didn’t choose men to be her godfathers because when I was pregnant I saw a picture of my baby surrounded by Lionesses and I felt that if I had a girl, she would be a lioness and I would pray-in some lioness god-mothers around her. We did in fact chose three couples, these men as godfathers who care for her and love her- they are vital and men, like her Dad and Poppa, I pray she will follow, watch and seek similar traits of one day in her own husband.

Though I now know who this Lioness Pride is around my baby. I know who the Lionesses surrounding her are, always guarding and protecting. It was this group of women. Her Nannie, Aunties, Nanan, her godmothers and faithful friends. I am so grateful for this group.

As Poppy is about to turn one, I can’t in honesty say that I am sad to be away from that new/little baby stage. I loved it when D turned one and felt like I grew into the role of Mum more and more as he grew in character. I can see this happening with Poppy, her cheeky little ways and strong-willed adventurous nature. She will be a great woman of God, she has been called for a high purpose. My prayer is that she loves the poor, that she is compassionate with a strong sense of justice. If you love the poor you can’t be too selfish and she’ll be surrounded by others who love well. I pray she knows she is surrounded by these Lioness’ and that she will choose to be this type of women for others when they are in need. That she will see the faithfulness of our God who never let’s go.

I pray that as you read this you don’t just decide ‘I wish I could have a group like this’. Instead, decide to be this for someone else. My prayer has been more and more to be a good friend, I am finding that by making the effort (and goodness I get it wrong so often) by being there, by remembering dates and dropping off gifts, by remembering to thank, and by prayer and word – I am being blessed in return.

To mourn with those who mourn, speak faith when courage is needed, hold tight to promises and the word of God and to rejoice with those who rejoice. Love well.

Thank you Lionesses, as she turns one tomorrow my eyes get a little teary thinking of you & how you have walked with us and shown us Jesus through this time, I am deeply grateful for each of you x

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