Excited for normality ❤️

I’d like to take a moment in the middle of the mess

To document how I feel, what I’m missing in the stress

After three weeks in Burma off the plane straight to hospitals, doctors out & in

I need to pause and recognise that I can’t wait for normal to begin

I’m just looking forward to doing an ALDI shop, 

To having no agenda or meeting and doing some washing once we stop

I’m excited to going to the park, for Christmas songs & finding Christmas lights in the dark 

Odd how after a short time of feeling all over, you look forward to the boring tedious normality of life I took for granted before

I’m thankful for the love & prayers at this time

They’ve held me & kept my heart & mind in line

I know my family’s going to be fine

God has a plan and I’m excited to see

All that He has in store for me

But in months time when I’m bored and doing tedious jobs, I want to remember how today I just want that one & this one to end.

I look forward to that day. Where normality kicks back in and I feel safe and sorted-just grab a coffee with a friend. 

This could be in a few days or probably will take a while longer. I thank you for your prayers, our God has made me stronger.

Sorry this is probably the worst blogpost ever written. It’s just for future me..and if your day today looks pretty normal – HOORAY! I praise God for your normal day & hope you get a second to remember what a blessing it is & yet..if you take it for granted..that’s amazing too..I can’t wait to take a boring day for granted cz it means I’m back in my flow! ❤️

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