A week of Creatives 🎨#40DaysCreative

Creative Thursday 

Baked Banana cake with melted chocolate topping & Red Velvet cake. GrowGroup social, loving getting to know this group of fun. 

I am reading Matthew 26.26-29 and reflecting on the Last supper. How mad it must have sounded to offer the food & wine as Jesus’ blood & body. Yet what a knowing offering and sacrifice. Going slowly through these verses each day makes me feel again how much Jesus knew what was coming-yet still He chose it. He had His eyes on where He was going..not to the cross..but to His kingdom-to His Father. 

That is where our eyes need to be. Our Hope is in Him. In the Kingdom of God. Where there is no more sickness, no tears, no hurts or pain. 

29 I tell you I will not drink again of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.”

Creative Friday 

Created this collage of my beautiful nephew. Watching Him grow over the part four years has been incredible. He has truly been a gift from God to me. God has used his little life to bring me (and many others) so much joy! 

He is full of imagination and fun. I can be myself with him and know I am loved unconditionally as is he. Through my lowest times he’s been my joy and God has healed me through him time and again. I couldn’t be more thankful for this little man & know God has so much for his life. 

Creative Saturday 

Nothin but silly fun on trains & parks & imagination at it’s best! Creative PLAY!

Creative Sunday 

Today’s creative was finding things from around the house to create costumes! ‘Flower Fairy’ was the look I went for at this Pirates and Fairies birthday party! So much fun was had! 

Creative Monday 

Today’s creative was watching my Lion creatively find  out how to eat cereal with a spoon! I was amazingly reminded how much we now take for granted and just do..yet one day we struggled and practiced to learn it! Encouraged therefore that things I now struggle to do, things I need to practice a little more, will one day be natural. It is worth putting in the time and trusting God will support us..because in time we will see the fruit of our labour. 

Creative Tuesday 

Speaking at an event at Chester University I have seen God work so beautifully. I felt He had guided me in my prep and was excited to go. I had no idea how much He would do. 

After I’d spoken I had many young people come to me and say what God was doing. I was so encouraged to be used by Him as I prayed for people and words of knowledge spilled out. God was talking into peoples lives about personal things I could never have known. Therefore I am so expectant for next weeks mission week and seeing all God has planned in Chester! 🙏

Creative Wednesday 

Learning spreadsheets!!! May not sound creative but I learned a lot and am feeling prepped well ahead of tomorrow…my first day at a new job & away from little lion 🙈 Trusting God & would love your prayers! 

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