#40DaysCreative Painting & Extravagant Love ❤️

Today was going to be baking but instead I had time to paint! Little Lion napped in the afternoon so I got a bit of time..just under an hour..it didn’t feel long!

I’m not an artist and so needed help! I watched a simple Acrylic Paint video on YouTube for inspiration. Mine looks nothing like hers but the fun was in painting it.

In the run up to Easter I’m reading around Jesus’ death and resurrection to prepare myself and try to really think about the most important part of my faith. So I read it and just thought about it all while painting. I had a lot of thoughts so will try and sound them out!

Day 2. Matt26.1-13
Matthew 26 is almost like a film in how it shows you what’s happening with the baddies camp & whats happening with Jesus around the same time. It starts with Jesus saying the thing the disciples were so confused by and must have hated hearing..
“You know that after two days the Passover is coming, and the Son of Man will be delivered up to be crucified.”

He was, of course, right. This was coming. Jesus knew it, the men who are plotting his death in this passage didn’t know how fully God Jesus was. They thought their evil plans were a secret and covered in the darkness..yet the King of Light knows all the things we try to hide in the dark.

I love the section after the plotting, where a woman comes to Jesus while he’s relaxing with his friends. She pours the most expensive perfume over him as an act of huge respect and deep love for Him. I doubt she knew at all the significance of what she was doing. Her act of extravagant love for Jesus was heavily prophetic and I’m sure a comfort to Jesus.

He states that she is doing this preparing him for burial. A weird thing to say at dinner! Yet He knew so clearly what was about to happen, He’d known the plan since before creation began..and it was nearing.

I also can’t help but feel this was Gods way of showing He was near. Using this woman’s love as a example of His extravagant love for His son. Even though all around Him people were plotting against him, this woman was used to bring comfort, peace and love.

We often don’t know how much our offerings of Love are being used. Whether it’s to friends or people around us. Sometimes it’s the love that we show, the examples or gifts of our time and encouragements to people around us. God can use it all, not only in that second but to make history with. To speak powerfully and do more than we could imagine!

This has also made me feel the extravagant love Jesus has shown for me. He knew during this encounter where He was headed. Taking it slowly through the story is making me wonder deeper about things. Did Jesus feel a bit sick waiting for it to happen..like when I have something coming I don’t want to do. I feel sick before it. He must have felt that but a million times more than I do! Yet He chose to do this for me. He chose to have those pains that you feel while waiting. For me. Wow. Thank You Jesus.


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